What Can You Do If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open?

A stuck garage door is a headache. The only thing worse than an open garage door you can’t close is one that’s stuck closed with your car inside. But an open garage door is more than an inconvenience when you need to get started on your morning commute. A wide-open entrance is an invitation for pests, weather, and people looking into your garage.

Lots of different things can make your garage door get stuck. Some of them are things you can quickly deal with on your own, and some need a professional technician to repair. Check these parts to see if you can solve the problem yourself or if you need to call a garage door company.

Troubleshoot your stuck garage door for quick solutions.

Turn on all the lights in your garage and grab a flashlight, especially if it’s dark outside. You’ll be looking around the perimeter of your door to make sure the moving parts are still in position. A light can make the job easier and help keep you safe.

Check the track for obstructions.

The area around the tracks needs to be completely clear. But sometimes long-handled landscaping tools fall over and get in the way. Make sure nothing is jammed in the tracks. Even something as small as dirt buildup or a tiny toy can cause problems. Once you’ve checked the tracks, check the folding panels of the actual garage door. Some models have fine-tuned motors that stop as soon as they detect unusual weight or drag.

Check the remote for battery issues.

Both your keychain remote and the garage door sensor are battery-powered. Check both sources to ensure you have a powered connection, and verify that by pushing the button when you have a direct line of sight. If either part has low batteries, replacing them could make the connection work.

Manually unlock and gently try to close the door.

Manually solving the problem may have been your first instinct. But it’s important to check for obstructions first. Tugging on the door when there’s a broom handle in the way could cause actual breakage, and it can make other problems worse. If you feel unusual resistance, don’t close the door. Keep reading and check for other problems first.

Three common signs you have to call in a technician:

Garage doors can be dangerous. Once you start manipulating the tracks and the springs, you’re dealing with sharp parts and lots of force. Just visually inspect these parts and call in a professional if you see a problem:

The door is off its track.

Long-term obstructions, uneven rising, and even just worn parts can eventually make a door fall off of its track. Look at the rollers and see if they’re coiled unevenly. If there is excess cable length loosely hanging near the ceiling, you’ve found your problem. But it needs to be reset by a professional.

The garage door springs are broken.

Your garage door either has a long spring across the top of your ceiling or two springs, once on either side of the door. If you have the one spring (called a torsion spring), check for any gaps or snaps. If you have the second setup, with two extension springs, check to see if they’re hanging loosely, are uneven, or have snapped into separate parts. These are dangerous parts to fix or replace, so don’t even put your hand near them.

If your garage door is broken, then even manually closing it will exacerbate the problem. It’s safer to leave it open and call in a professional immediately while blocking off the opening with a long table or panel. Go to Advanced Garage Solutions for a fast response and professional repairs in the Minneapolis area.