What Are Your Options for a New Garage Door Opener?

Installing a new garage door opener is something that happens to homeowners from time to time. Garage door openers go out of commission a lot more often than you might thing due to a combination of age and disaster. Sometimes, if enough damage is done to a garage door due to a back-in or a bad storm, the structure will be warped enough to permanently damage the opener. Other times, homeowners decide that it’s time to put the old opener out to pasture due to a persistent squeak, sluggishness, or the fact that it was clearly installed in the stone age.

Whatever your reason for needing a new garage door opener, one important question every homeowner should ask is “How will I actually be opening my garage?”. Here at Advanced Garage Doors in Minnesota, we’re happy to say that the choice is entirely up to you. We offer a wide variety of garage door opening devices to choose from and you can pick the one or combination of options that best suits the lifestyle of you and your family. Let’s take a look at your options.

1) Key Fob Remotes

For professionals on-the-go, one of the most useful garage door controls on the market is the simple keyfob remote. One of these can hang right next to your car keys so that you, the car, and your garage door controller are never far from each other when the three need to interact. You can also get as many key fobs as there are driving adults in the house so that everyone has a convenient garage control.

2) 1-3 Button Remotes

Of course, many families are accustomed to the traditional garage door remote and who are we to stop you from upholding decades-long habits and family traditions? Because garages come in many sizes, we offer remotes with one, two, or three buttons to control individual panels of your garage door. Clip them to your car visor for easy access, drop them in the central console, or affix it to the dash of each car. You can even sort which car goes into which garage slot by separating the remote controls.

3) Keypad Entry

External garage keypad entry is one of the most useful garage door opener accessories for both security and convenience. The keypad is essentially your back-up plan in case a garage door opener is lost, if the battery runs out while you’re out of the house, or for family members who need to get in but lost or don’t have their house key. Keypad entry is also a common family stop-gap measure for teens before they get their own garage door openers and an easy way to let your children put their bikes away without going to get a garage door opener from the house.

4) Wifi Hub for Smart Home Control

Finally, we know how important modern smart home technology is and the ability to control your garage from inside the house and while out running errands is surprisingly useful. To this end, we’ve made sure that every garage opener comes with the option to connect to a wifi hub which can, in turn, connect to your smart home integration and apps. This will allow you to open the garage from indoors or even close it behind you if you forgot to close the garage on your way out of the driveway.

Garage door opener accessories come in many shapes, size, and forms. Here at Advanced Garage Doors, we’re ready to help you and your family put together the right collection of control devices so that your garage door works exactly the way you want it to. For more information about garage door accessories in Minnesota, contact us today!