Update Your Garage Door for a Home Sales Without Replacing the Garage Door

If you’re considering putting your home up on the market, you’ve probably browsed through a list (or ten) of recommended improvements. There are lists for renovations and small improvements that measure your return on investment, cleaning and repair tips, and long articles about curb appeal and how much first impressions can impact your home’s selling price.

These articles might all be right, but transforming your home might require more time, money, or effort than you can spare. So instead of replacing your whole garage door and all of the hardware, try these six simpler but appealing fixes:

1. Replace individual bent or cracked panels.

Even if replacing your whole door isn’t an option, it’s important to evaluate how much your garage door is helping or hurting your home’s selling potential. Individual panels that have dings, cracks, and dents can be replaced and painted to match the rest of your door.

2. Get your garage door inspected.

If your garage door has been making screeching or clanging noises for years, you might have gotten used to it. But that’s going to put off a lot of buyers who assume to door is just a few days away from the end. So call in a trained technician to give you a free estimate on repairs. If the fix is within your budget, that can make your garage seem a lot more appealing to potential buyers.

3. Replace the weather stripping.

Over time, the weather stripping at the bottom of any garage door will get ripped and scraggly. Not only does that mean it can’t effectively do its job, but that also means it looks bad. Call in a technician to remove the old stripping and install a new piece. If your garage also has a traditional exterior door, replace the weather stripping so both doors match.

4. Lubricate the moving parts.

Just like with the Step #2, screeching will always make prospective buyers worry about the quality of your garage’s door. Many times, however, the hinges, springs, and tracks and rollers just need new lubrication to work silently again. Household oils can handle the job, as long as they aren’t petroleum-based oils. If you’re worried about being near the mechanisms or using the wrong kind of lubricant, ask your garage door technician about it when they’re inspecting the door.

5. Refinish wooden garage doors.

While most homes have metal or fiberglass doors, there are quite a lot of buyers who will like your property because it has a wooden garage door. Make sure it gives a great first impression with a new coat of paint or sealant. Wooden doors need to be refinished every two years in order to keep the door safe from rot, termites, or weathering. A fresh coat also looks great.

6. Make a duplicate garage door opener.

If your home has an automatic garage door opener, that’s something that prospective buyers will definitely be interested in. Automatic garage doors with remote sensors aren’t yet the norm, but they’re an extremely popular feature. You can make your garage even more appealing by creating a duplicate opener, especially if you currently only have one. A set of two or even three is a convenience that can be added to every listing so you can get your home sold faster.

You don’t have to make everything brand new in order to get your house ready for the market. With just a few repairs and maintenance tasks, you can make your garage look great and incentivize buyers with premium conveniences. Go to Advanced Garage Solutions to schedule an appointment for garage doors repairs.