What is the Problem When My Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Correctly?

Let’s face it – sometimes things break through no fault of your own and that certainly includes your garage door. If you are finding yourself asking the question, “What is the problem when my garage door won’t open or close correctly?” then we have the answers. As garage door professionals, we are certain we will address what is wrong with your garage door and will fix the problem but here are a few reasons why perhaps your garage door isn’t doing what it should.

Track Alignment

One of the common reasons for garage door issues is a track being out of alignment. This is an issue that needs addressing because it can cause safety issues. What sometimes happens is that gaps can form between the rail or bends in the rail and even the rollers. Since a garage door is very heavy, the weight makes the problem even worse until it can very well become dangerous and that is when you need the help of a professional.

Dead Batteries

As simple as this one seems, it happens and it is not always the first thing that someone looks for even though it is an easy fix. The transmitter on the wall of your garage as well as the garage door opener may have dead batteries. If this is the problem, make sure to check both sets since it’s a very good possibility that they were installed at the same time.

A Broken Spring

If you find that your garage door seems to go down but not back up, the culprit could very well be a broken spring. The garage door springs are what lifts the door and should be replaced by a professional. These torsion springs, if broken, will either make the door hard to lift or cause it to not work at all.

Photo Eye Problems

Another issue that can be common is that the photo eyes are out of alignment. These two photo eyes are on each side of the door of your garage. In between is a beam and when there is a break in the beam, the garage door will not close. This could be from misalignment or something as simple as the photo eyes being dirty.

Lock Engagement

Sometimes when a garage door has problems it will not move at all even though the garage door opener is running. One thing to check for first is to make sure there are no obstacles in the way. Also, be sure that the springs are in good condition. However, if neither one of those are the problem then it could be that the built-in lock (if your garage door has one) has been engaged directly. These built-in locks are typically found in older garage doors and it is quite easy to engage them by accident.

Disconnect Switch Engaged

There is a disconnect switch on garage doors that is there so that you can use the garage door manually in case of a power failure. You will find this switch attached to a knob or rope and it can accidentally become unhooked. This causes the automatic garage door opener to run but not move the door. Simply re-attach the hook with the door closed or opened all the way and you’re back in business if this is the issue.

At Advanced Garage Door Solutions, we have the experience to fix all of your garage door problems. We even provide maintenance and safety inspections done by a trained technician, which will check for any existing problems and perform preventative maintenance so you do not have future issues. Whether you have a problem you want to address, have preventative maintenance performed, or even have questions about a new installation, simply contact us and we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions.