Steel Garage Doors Vs. Wood Doors

Your garage door is important to your home for a number of reasons. Not only does it help improve the look of your home, but it can protect it at the same time. Since your garage door is so important, choosing the right style is critical.

One portion of determining which style is best is choosing the material the garage door is made from. Two of the most popular options for garage doors are steel and wood. But, there are many benefits of using steel versus wood when you are installing your garage door.

Minneapolis Steel Garage Doors

One of the main benefits of a steel door is that it is extremely durable. They are strong and can take quite a beating before they are damaged. This is great for homes because of the amount of use they go through, and the potential of damage that they face. This is especially true for homes with small children or teenage drivers.

These types of garage doors can also be great for businesses that have heavy machinery or large vehicles. Also, since they are so durable, thieves will be less likely to break in through them.

The value for these doors is also fantastic. You can easily choose a custom designed garage door that is cost-effective and that looks great. Naturally, the cost of a steel door is higher than a wood one, but you will spend less money on maintenance in the future. The durability of the steel door, when compared to the wood door, will help you save money in the long run.

Steel garage doors are also energy-efficient. They are insulated and often offer a multi-layer design. This helps regulate the temperature in your garage, which could affect the temperature in your home as well. With a wood door, you are limited on the amount of insulation you will receive, which could wind up causing your electric bills to increase drastically.

Minneapolis Wood Garage Doors

Naturally, as great as steel doors are, there are still some benefits to wood garage doors. For example, they do tend to cost less. However, the quality of the door will not be nearly as great as that of a steel door.

They can also be rather beautiful, especially when unique woods are used. However, these types of doors will require quite a bit of maintenance to keep them looking great. There could also be options in steel that replicate the look of the wood door you enjoy. Also, it is much easier to break through these types of doors, so they are extremely attractive to thieves.

If you are considering a wood door, make sure you choose a full wood door instead of a faux wood door. Full wood garage doors are more durable and will offer more security than the faux versions. However, the amount of durability and security you see with a full wood door is still minimal when compared to a steel door. Also, you will still need to maintain your full wood door, which could make them even more expensive.

Choosing Between the Two

So, after you understand the benefits of both doors, you should begin determining which is the best option for you. For many homeowners, having a garage door that requires little maintenance and that is secure and durable is the optimal choice. However, other homeowners are more interested in the overall look and design of the door and care little for security and durability.

Choosing a steel garage door is the best option for most people. If you are looking for this style of garage door, contact us today. We will help you find the best door for your home. We will also make sure it is installed properly so that it will stand the test of time.