Signs to Know if you Need Twin Cities Garage Door Replacement or Repair

With the weather turning warmer in Minneapolis, people are beginning to tackle those outdoor projects. Now is a great time to start working on those tasks. One such project some may have in mind is repairing or replacing their garage door. If you are considering pulling out your toolbox and digging into this project, you may want to think again. Repairing or replacing a garage door requires the skills and tools of a professional garage door contractor in Minneapolis. How do you know if you need a garage door installation or a garage door repair in Minneapolis? Let’s review how to tell the difference.

Signs you may want a new garage door

If any of these apply to you, then you may want to consider getting a new garage door instead of repairing the one you have.

Update your home and landscaping

Maybe you are planning to change the exterior of your property. You may be planning to put new siding on your home or garage or make some other drastic changes to your yard. You may be installing an extravagant, brick patio that will be adjacent to the garage or a pool that will lie beside the garage. Whatever the case, your new changes will bring attention to the garage and you feel a new door would be appropriate. Your current one may not “match” with the new look or you simply want everything to be close to the same age. This is a good reason to update your garage door with a new one. Give your exterior a completely new appearance.

Current door is severely damaged

If your current garage door has had some serious damage done to it, then you definitely want to replace it. Maybe someone has hit the garage door and it doesn’t go up and down very smoothly. Or it stopped working altogether. It may still work but look unsightly due to the damage. Most likely if the damage is severe, it won’t work right.


Current garage doors are equipped with all the best technology. They have sensors and safety features designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. However, if you have an outdated garage door, then there’s a chance it may not contain critical safety features. While some garage doors can be retrofitted to include these features, it’s best to update to a new garage door if yours is that old. The older garage doors are easier to break into as well.

Signs you can get by with repairing your garage door

Minor exterior damage

If you have a small amount of damage to your garage door, then it can most likely be repaired. For example, if one panel has a minor ding from a car bumping it or a bike crashing into it, then that is something easy to repair.

Weather stripping cracking

It’s important that you maintain the weather stripping at the base of the garage door. If you see that it is cracking and breaking, no need to worry about replacing your entire door. These strips are easily replaced and your garage is as good as new.

Door not lifting properly

If your door seems to lift slowly or hesitates and jerks while on the way up or down, then you need to have a professional come and check it out. More often than not, you have a problem with the rollers, tracks and/or chain. Your garage door technician will be able to remedy that and get it rolling up and down smoothly again.

Are you ready to take enhance your exterior with a new garage door or do you simply need a repair? Either way, Advanced Garage Solutions is ready to connect with you. They are expert garage door contractors in the Minneapolis area. Contact us for more information.