Pros vs. Cons: Does Your Rental Property Need an Automatic Garage Door Opener?

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Every improvement you make to a rental property needs to bring value, and we understand that. Sometimes the value is money, pure and simple. Sometimes an improvement won’t earn you more money but it will save you money, like insulation. Other decisions are a bit trickier to calculate because you’re trying to quantify tenant happiness and the value of longer-term tenants.

There’s a garage door improvement for every category.

Sometimes it’s an easy choice. If a garage door panel has massive dents or holes form the previous tenant, you have to replace at least the damaged section in order to encourage better-behaved tenants to rent the property. Adding insulation to the door, or getting a door with insulation in the first place, saves you money when you charge a flat fee and handle electricity. But whether or not you should add an automatic garage door opener is a bit harder to decide. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind.

Why should you install an automatic garage door opener ASAP?

The best opportunity you have to make improvements is before the next tenant looks at the property. You don’t just want to get everything done before they move in. You want your new changes to be represented in the monthly rate. Add an automatic garage door opener to your list if:

Your competitors have automatic garage doors.

Unless your investment strategy is to sell low and always have a tenant, you don’t want your property to be below average. If the other homes in the neighborhood have automatic garage doors, that’s a good indication that tenants (and buyers!) will expect to have one as a default. If you go online to check out other rental properties in your area and all of them have the feature, your decision is pretty clear.

Winter is about to hit.

If your last tenant left right before winter, it gives you a great opportunity to make your property a pretty fit for Minnesota winters. New tenants are looking for comfortable, encouraging features, and new residents will not want to deal with the garage door in the winter. Install an automatic opener and make it a key seasonal selling point.

Previous tenants have complained.

Sometimes the best market research you can do is right on your own property. Neighborhood searches give you good insight into trends, but it doesn’t give you a guaranteed answer. However, if the tenants you selected as good fits for your property routinely don’t like the manual door, encourage them to stay by making the switch.

When should you wait before making your final decision?

Sometimes, an automatic garage door seems like a good fit but you’re not quite convinced. If you’re not sure you’ll get both your money back and a worthwhile amount of profit, put the idea on the backburner. It’s also a good idea to wait if:

No one’s requested or complained about it yet.

If all of your tenants are perfectly happy without an automatic door — or have bigger complaints — then don’t make an improvement that won’t be appreciated. This isn’t like insulation or good pipes. An automatic garage door is just for tenant satisfaction and future resale, so wait until people want it.

The property doesn’t warrant it.

Some properties just shouldn’t get all the bells and whistles. If you purchased a property that will only get you a profit if you invest the minimum to keep it maintained, don’t add on extra features. Instead, keep the good idea of an automatic garage door opener in mind for a property with bigger profit margins.

When it’s the right time and the right property for an automatic garage door opener, contact us at Advanced Garage Solutions. We can update your door so you can wow your prospective tenants in no time.