Why Is Your Garage So Cold and Uncomfortable in the Winter?

Winter is a few months away, and right now the temperature is still boiling hot. Thinking about a freezing cold room might sound good right now, but cold rooms cost money. In fact, the same unpleasant chill in your garage during the winter probably transformed into an oppressive heat over the summer. That’s because your… Read more »

4 Ways to Inspect Your Garage Door and Stop Problems Faster

Garage doors don’t usually make the preventative maintenance to-do list. There are a lot of different reasons for this: You see where your home’s appliances need a bit of DIY maintenance. Vacuuming the HVAC vents when you see pet hair is simple, and so is running a dishwasher cleaner through the machine. Easily visible problems… Read more »

What Are Your Options for a New Garage Door Opener?

Installing a new garage door opener is something that happens to homeowners from time to time. Garage door openers go out of commission a lot more often than you might thing due to a combination of age and disaster. Sometimes, if enough damage is done to a garage door due to a back-in or a… Read more »

What Can You Do If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open?

A stuck garage door is a headache. The only thing worse than an open garage door you can’t close is one that’s stuck closed with your car inside. But an open garage door is more than an inconvenience when you need to get started on your morning commute. A wide-open entrance is an invitation for… Read more »