What Is the Best Material To Use for a Garage Door?

When your garage door is on its last legs, don’t just get an identical replacement. Now is your opportunity to look for a door that better suits your style, needs, and climate. Some materials are easy to take care of, and some are built with insulation to keep your garage protected all winter long. Take… Read more »

Why Won’t My Garage Door Go Down?

Your garage door is an important entryway into your house–not to mention the fact that many people often store expensive items in the garage. When the garage door won’t go down, it’s often a serious problem that can leave you struggling to get it down again. Why won’t your garage door go down? There are… Read more »

9 Best Garage Doors in 2019

Garage doors set the tone for how others perceive your home—especially when your garage faces the road. To avoid negative perceptions, it is vital for homeowners to keep a well-maintained, visually appealing garage door. The doors listed below are all excellent candidates for use in residential areas. Suburban residents have numerous style options to fit… Read more »

24 Hour Garage Door Installation & Repair Minneapolis/St. Paul

You count on your garage door to make life simple. When it suddenly stops working, this can add an extra complications to your day. While many garage door repairs can wait, others might require immediate attention. If you would rather not put off repairs, contact us. 24-Hour Garage Door Repairs in Minnesota If your broken door is… Read more »

Update Your Garage Door for a Home Sales Without Replacing the Garage Door

If you’re considering putting your home up on the market, you’ve probably browsed through a list (or ten) of recommended improvements. There are lists for renovations and small improvements that measure your return on investment, cleaning and repair tips, and long articles about curb appeal and how much first impressions can impact your home’s selling… Read more »