Do I Need to have Windows at the Top of my Garage Door?

One question people often ask us here at Advanced Garage Solutions is “Do I need to have the windows at the top of the door? There are some advantages and disadvantages to both, which is why you should carefully consider the following.

Advantages of Garage Door Windows

  • Adds Curb Appeal

The biggest reason people choose a garage door with windows is aesthetics. A garage door with windows provides far more curb appeal by adding dimension to what would otherwise be just a flat panel.

  • Matches your Home’s Windows

It is easy to select windows that match those on the rest of your home, or even ones that highlight certain architectural features. This is especially important when you are adding a door to a detached garage and would like to make your building to blend better with your house.

  • Provides a Source of Natural Light

Windows allow natural light to enter your garage, thereby making it easier for you to see inside it. This is important if you plan to use your garage as a workshop or game room. By allowing sunlight in, you will also save money on the cost of illuminating your garage.

  • Wide Variety Available

Doors are available with different sizes and types of windows. This makes it possible to choose the amount of light you desire, or to add frosted, tinted, or stained-glass windows for added versatility. Custom windows may even be added to existing garage doors, saving you the cost of a replacement.

Disadvantages of Garage Door Windows

  • Possible Security Hazard

A concern many people have when it comes to garage door windows is security. Windows do increase your chances of a break-in, so if security is an issue, you may also want to consider adding bars to your windows. You could also choose Plexiglass, which is extremely difficult to break when compared to regular glass.

  • Could Compromise your Privacy

Privacy can also be compromised, and may be an issue if you do not wish for people to know you are home or would like to prevent passersby from seeing what is in your garage. Frosted or tinted windows can be used in this instance to allow you to see out, but keep others from looking in. The same window treatments you use in your home may also be used to cover your garage door windows.

  • Require more Maintenance

There is a risk of glass being broken due to storms, flying rocks from a lawn mower, baseballs, etc. Windows must also be caulked around on a regular basis to ensure they are airtight and leak proof. As such, you should keep in mind that garage doors with windows will require more maintenance than ones without.

  • Don’t Open to Allow Air In

Unlike the windows in your home, garage windows cannot be opened to let fresh air in. This means that if you plan to work inside your garage during the summer, you could need to install ceiling fans. You might also require an alternate source of ventilation such as a second set of windows if you regularly plan to use paint, stain, or other chemicals inside your garage.

The Bottom Line

Choosing whether to install a new garage door with or without windows is a personal decision that you should only make after carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind that it is entirely possible to enjoy the benefits of a garage door with windows, while at the same time downplaying some of the disadvantages of them. Please contact us today to discuss your needs so that we can help you choose a garage door that is just right for you.