Do You Need a Smart Garage Door Opener? Three Reasons Why and One Reason to Wait

Homes are getter smarter, and that makes life easier. When your home can start to respond automatically to the weather, to your schedule, and even to your other smart devices, you have less to worry about. But as smart systems become increasingly comprehensive, they also become more granular. A smart thermostat makes sense, but what about a smart wall unit or small humidifier. A smart home theater is convenient, but does a smart refrigerator have the same value? The answer changes depending on your lifestyle and what inconveniences eat into your free time.

Smart garage door openers are becoming standard devices in lots of high-tech homes, and they have a lot of advantages for both home security and convenience. Read through each of these common reasons for installing a smart garage door opener and decide if it’s the right fit for you.

“I can never remember if I shut the garage door behind me.”

Nothing sticks in the back of your mind like the worry about whether you shut the door behind you in the morning. Just like leaving the front door unlocked or leaving an appliance on, not shutting the garage door is one of the top worries people have after they leave their house in the morning. But turning around halfway through your commute isn’t an option.

Smart garage door openers solve the problem. It incorporates sensors along your garage door and frame that can let you know if the door is still open. It can also close the door on command from your phone, even if you’re already in the office. Even better, you can program your smart garage door opener to alert you about an open door just in case you forgot to worry about it.

“There’s a lot of rough weather, and I need to get the garage door open as quickly as possible.”

The Minneapolis area is home to a lot of bad weather, especially in the winter, and that means you need the resources to respond to it quickly. A smart garage door sensor has a more reliable connection than proximity-based key fobs with push buttons. You can program your opener to work automatically when it senses your car’s approach or establish a hands-free connection to your car. Then you can tell the door to open as you’re nearing your driveway.

A smart garage door opener also doesn’t just protect your car. If you see your spouse or another family member pulling into the driveway and you see that the garage door is still closed, you can open it for them from your phone. This is also useful for guests caught in bad weather.

“I like knowing what’s going on when I’m not at home.”

Smart garage door openers don’t just open and shut your door from your phone. They also let you know when the door was left open too long. But smart openers can provide even more information, especially if they have more capabilities or are integrated with your wider homer system.

Smart devices can let you know if someone is home early (and who it is) or if it suspects a break-in. Some door openers also have voice-enabled cameras so you can see who came in and talk to them.

But when should you wait to get a smart garage door opener?

Most experts recommend waiting to update your garage door opener until you update your home. If you plan on upgrading your whole house or installing your first smart home system, choose the main system first. Then find garage devices that integrate with it instead of the other way around. While most garage door openers can communicate with other major brands, some just don’t fit together as well as they should yet.

Go to Advanced Garage Solutions to see what smart garage doors are right for your home. Our experts can give you the best recommendations based on your preexisting set-up, your garage door, and even your reasons for making your garage door smart.