Minneapolis Garage Door Repair: Snapped Cables

Sometimes, when something is broken, you should not try to fix it in order to save a few dollars because it could cost you your life.  Of course, when it comes to a broken garage door that is posing a security risk, there is a temptation to move it or attempt to alter it.  This is especially true if it becomes dysfunctional when you need to go to sleep or get to work.  Regardless, this simple garage door issue should not be diagnosed by the homeowner, and there are a few signs that Minneapolis garage door repair specialists are required.  To get a better understanding of what to expect if your garage door has snapped cables, read through the details below.

Do not attempt to open a broken garage door

Too often, it seems to the homeowner like they need to inspect their garage door to see what is wrong with it.  For example, they may have noticed that one of the cables in the garage door has broken.  At this point, it seems intuitive to open the door to release tension on the other garage door springs.  When they go to open the latch to manually open the door, they find they cannot lift it, and this shift in weight can cause multiple injuries.  Worse, the homeowner releases a jammed spot by removing a washer or cotter pin and the whole door comes crashing down with multiple consequences.  In other words, whether it is stuck or hanging crookedly because one of the cables has snapped, the best idea is to leave it alone until a specialist can look at it.

How to know if you have a snapped cable in your garage door

When you use the remote to open or close the door and it does not go into the correct position, this is the main sign that a cable has snapped in the garage door.  In most units, you will hear the motor whirring or hear an alarm sounding when the computer inside the garage door operator detects a cable has snapped.  Becoming inoperable when there is a cable issue is a safety feature that was installed in newer models of garage door openers, and it is important to heed it instead of trying to diagnose the issue.  Other signs to look out for include one side of the door hanging much higher or lower than the other side.

What happens when a cable snaps

When you have an older garage door that is far beyond the warranty, there is a chance that it will not have a safety feature to lock a door in place when a cable snaps.  Otherwise, the snapping of a torsion cable in newer doors is often prevented if the machinery detects a cable has become frayed.  There are also safety brackets in newer garage door models that keep the springs from becoming dislodged if a cable snaps.  In other words, to prevent injuries and property damage, an upgrade of your garage door could be a safety measure.

Reasons a cable in your garage door snaps

A primary reason for a snapped garage door cable is normal wear and tear.  This happens with older doors, but the reasons for newer doors snapping a cable are often related to a lack of maintenance.  Fraying of the cables is a reason for the door to start losing integrity, but the tension of the torsion cables in the door also needs periodic adjustment.  In some cases, the buildup of grease or other materials can collect on the cables and cause them to get gummed up on the reels.  This is especially common if the garage is being used for business activities that promote dust such as refinishing furniture with a sander and large-scale baking.  Homeowners that live in dusty environments due to the climate or renovations can find that the cables of their garage door are collecting grit that gums up the mechanisms.

Preventing future snapped cables in your garage door

No one wants to deal with a broken garage door especially when it means that the door will make the home or business vulnerable to break-ins.  Instead of waiting around for the next garage door disaster, there is one key to preventative solutions.  Naturally, when you have a professional garage door specialist give your equipment a thorough maintenance and inspection routine twice a year, they can make sure tracks are lined up properly, do the dangerous task of aligning your torsion cables, and ensure the motorized unit is clear of built up grease.

Worried about a false alarm?  Now there is a solution

No one likes to rush home to deal with their faulty garage door because an outdated remote keeps tripping the security system.  In addition, waiting on the garage door repair services to tell you the issue is preventable can be an annoying waste of money. If faulty or aging equipment is causing your budget and schedule to go haywire, the way to take control without spending a lot of money involves upgrading your system. Although some garage door openers are so old that they cannot use a remote, the newer models are compatible for a “smart home” device that opens or closes the door through a smartphone app.  The installation of the garage door opener WiFi device is inexpensive and easy, but a pro door specialist will need to help you calibrate the device.  Once installed, you will be able to get information about whether your garage door is open or closed from anywhere you get a smartphone signal.

Let us help you with your garage door services

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