Minneapolis Garage Door Installation

How to Choose the Right Garage Door Installation Company in Minneapolis

Are you searching for a reputable Minneapolis Garage Door Installation company to install a new garage door? Is your current garage door failing to shut completely leaving your vehicle and other valuable possessions at risk? Or is your existing garage door in such great condition that you are simply looking to upgrade?

Congratulations! Your search query has landed you on a page where you will find answers to your questions and more.

We’ve curated questions customers have been asking us for years and included them here. If you can’t find an answer to your question in this short article we invite you to contact us.

Should you expect on-time service and what does that mean? Unless customer expectations are clarified, on-time service could mean any-time service to many garage door installers. If a company claims they provide on-time service, it should mean that a service representative will schedule a block of time with a customer. “We can be out to your place between 10 am and Noon. Will that work for you?” If it does not work, then you should be given another option until both customer and service technician are on the same page.

Should you expect a phone call before the installer arrives? A company who seeks to provide exceptional service will certainly call or text a homeowner to let them know they are on their way and should be there in a few moments. If the company is going to be late, they definitely need to call.

Should you expect to pay anything for an initial assessment? Absolutely not! The inspection and quote are free, and you want to avoid companies who attempt to charge for this service.

What happens if the cost becomes greater than the quoted price? You will pay the quoted price. If as we perform the work, however, and discover that some aspect of the installation or repair is more involved than the original assessment, before we do any further work, we will consult with you, let you know what we found and obtain your permission to complete the additional work.

Does the company have a follow-up or call-back policy? Any company no matter what it’s service or product should have some type of follow-up or call-back policy. Sometimes the product or service is only worth the attention it gets from a courtesy follow-up. A diligent company will want to know if the new garage door you had installed a month ago is still functioning satisfactorily. Follow-ups should not cost the consumer one thin dime.

Should you expect the company to have a good reputation locally? Absolutely! Now, more than ever, consumers are basing many of their purchases on the opinion of those who have gone before them. Before selecting a company, check out what others are saying.

Is it possible to convert a garage door to an electrically operated door? Yes, but we will need to assess your existing garage door before making a final decision.

What type of relationship does your projected garage door company have with other garage door installers? Is it the type of company that other companies recognize as an authority and call on for projects that require superior expertise?

Should you expect the garage door to prevent rodents and thieves from breaking in? Yes, this is exactly what you should expect. Yet, we know that sometimes, even the best defense can be overcome. If this is an issue, be prepared to discuss with a service representative your concern.

What styles, colors, or designs does a company offer? This final question is a bit subjective and is meant to help prepare the reader to discover the many choices available. You may have one thing in mind but once you start to play around with the options you may settle on something entirely different than what you originally imagined. Visit Amarr, a garage door application, where you can upload a picture of your home and try on many different styles, colors, and designs to see how they will look. If you don’t have a picture of your own home, the site includes a few models to choose from.

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