Installing Nylon Rollers On Your Garage Door

Garage doors have an undeniable tendency to become louder and louder as they grow older. A large part of this noise is generated by the rollers mounted on each side of the door. This is especially true for those with older garage doors, which were commonly equipped with metal rollers.

Fortunately, you can do wonders to reduce the creaking, groaning, and squealing of your garage door by installing new nylon rollers. If you would like to learn more about this beneficial upgrade, read on. This article will outline everything you need to know about upgrading your garage door with nylon rollers.

The Roller System

First it helps to understand a little bit about your garage door’s roller system. There are several sets of rollers on each side of your door. On one end they are bolted to the door itself; on the other is the actual roller, which sits inside of a metal track at the edge of the garage door.

When the opener is engaged, it either retracts or releases the cable or chain, depending on whether the door is opening or closing. The cable is responsible for transmitting the force from the opener’s motor to the door. Yet the rollers have the equally important job of allowing the door to open, guiding its passage along the roller tracks.

The Problem

Over time, rollers tend to accumulate a nasty layer of gunk and grime. By increasing the amount of friction, this build up makes it more difficult for the door to open. Not only that, but unless they are painstakingly maintained, metal rollers also pick up a good bit of corrosion and/or dents over the years.

All of these things act to make it more difficult for the door to travel smoothly up along its roller tracks. As it strains against the added friction, the door will tend to produce any number of odd or troubling sounds. While giving the rollers a thorough cleaning and lubrication may help to allay these unwanted noises, the best way to ensure silky smooth door movement is to have those old metal rollers replaced with fresh nylon ones.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon rollers offer a number of benefits compared to their metal cousins. For one thing, thanks to its unique chemical makeup, nylon rollers require virtually no lubrication as time goes on. This makes them especially efficient, while reducing the necessity of regular maintenance efforts.

Perhaps even more importantly, nylon rollers are excellent at absorbing vibrations. Metal rollers, on the other hand, tend transmit and vibrations coming from the door’s pulley system. Such vibrations not only tend to make the door much louder, but they also impede the efficiency of movement. This causes the opener to have to work harder in order to move the door up and down, thus increasing the wear and tear to which it is subjected.

The Replacement Process

Replacing metal rollers with nylon ones is a garage door upgrade best left to the professionals. Yet it may help to understand a bit more about what a garage door technician will actually do when installing nylon rollers. The first phase of the replacement process involves unplugging the opener and pulling the manual release cord.

Then, with the door opened part way, the repair person will attach a couple of heavy duty clamps to each side of the door. These will prevent the door from suddenly falling down on top of them. Now the old rollers must be removed. This involves bending the edge of the metal track outward so that the rollers can be slipped out the hinges that attach it to the door.

Once all of the metal rollers have been removed, the new nylon ones can be installed. Finally, the track is carefully bent back into place, the clamps are removed, and the opener is plugged back in. Your door should now open and close as smooth as silk, and without any obnoxious noises.

If you live in the Minneapolis area and would like more information about upgrading to nylon rollers, feel free to contact the pros at Advanced Garage Solutions.