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What is Required for Installing an Electric Garage Door Operator/Opener? Tools And Procedures

If you’re looking for information about what’s required for installing an electric garage door operator/opener, please read on. Electric garage doors are convenient and less hassle to operate than manual ones, which makes them popular with homeowners. Professional installation is ideal due to the intricate nature of the job and tools required to complete it. Here’s a summary of what it takes to install an electric garage door opener.

Tools Required

Installing an electric garage door opener requires common tools such as nuts, bolts, washers, lag screws, wrenches, a cordless drill, measuring tape, safety glasses, a level, a pencil, cable staples, and a staple gun. Less-familiar required tools include:

Slotted Angle Iron

These are long pieces of metal with holes and angled sides. Slotted angle iron adds strength to the garage door opener and reduces vibration. These benefits help lengthen the opener’s lifespan.


A hacksaw is a saw with a U-shaped metal frame and a thin blade held between spigots. These saws usually have wood or plastic handles, and some models have adjustable frames to accommodate different-sized blades. Hacksaws can cut plastic and metal, and in garage door opener installation, they cut slotted angle iron.

Stud Finder 

These handheld devices locate framing studs inside of a wall. They come in magnetic and electric varieties, and people commonly use them to find appropriate places for hanging items on a wall. In garage door opener installation, professionals use them to find ceiling joists to attach the opener to.

Procedures Required

Check How The Door Works And Balances

Inspect the door for broken springs or wobbly rollers or brackets. It’s important to make sure the door functions appropriately before installing a new opener. It should run at a normal speed and without odd noises. Check balance by opening the door halfway and letting go. It shouldn’t wobble up and down when you do so.

Take Measurements And Find Ceiling Joists

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the door opener and measure the track. Use a stud finder to locate ceiling joists, and mark the ceiling joists with a pencil.

Assemble Frame With The Slotted Angle Iron

Prepare the slotted angle iron and assemble a frame out of it to transition the hanging bracket to the ceiling joists. Leave verticals on the longer side for later adjustment.

Secure The Header Bracket

Using a lag screw, secure the header bracket to the door header. Lift the track’s end to the header bracket and secure that.

Lag The Frame To Ceiling Joists

Stand on a ladder while someone hands you the motor end to hold as the door opens. Let the opened door support the motor’s weight as you complete other tasks. To hold the opener in position, put a 2×4 on the door and set the track on the 2×4. Finally, lag the frame to ceiling joists, and secure the opener to the frame with bolts.

Secure The Lift Arm

Using brackets, secure the lift arm to the door with screws. Make sure the lift arm centers under the track.

Secure The Transmitter And Receiver

Screw the receiver and transmitter to opposite sides of the garage door. The receiver and transmitter communicate with an infrared signal to ensure safe operation of the door. Wires run up to the motor housing.

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