Garage Door Installation

Minneapolis Garage Door Installation

Garage installation may seem like a simple process to some, but it is actually quite involved. This is why most people throughout the Twin Cities call a professional Minneapolis & St. Paul garage door installer to take care of the job. They get the service they deserve, quality products, installation that is done right, and maintenance plans that ensure the longevity of the door and its components.

If you are ready to have a quality garage door installed, Advance Garage Door Solutions, Inc. can get it done for you. We take a methodical approach to ensuring you get the door you want and we also minimize the stress that is on you in the process. We make it as easy as possible so you can be confident that your choice is the right one. Remember to try our garage door designer with Amarr.

A Step-By-Step Approach

When you are ready for a new garage door, the first thing to do is give us a call. If you are already feeling inspired and have an idea of what you want, just let us know and we will show you what we can do for you. If you need inspired, we can show you the options for the size door that you need. You will find that there are different styles, colors, and designs that will complement the architecture of the structure.

So the steps are:

  • Get inspired
  • We will take measurements to determine the door size that you need
  • We will give you a quote
  • You agree to the selection, price, and a time window when the installation can take place
  • We will acquire the door in the size, color, and style that you chose
  • We will call you within the installation window to let you know we are coming
  • We install the door and any accessories according to your specifications
  • We follow-up when we are finished
  • We can maintain your garage door system annually

Of course, the steps can vary based on the specific job, but the outline above gives you an idea of the approach that we take when installing your door.

There For You When You Need Us

If you ever have a question about your installation, we are there to answer your questions at any time. If you have a concern, we promptly address them. Our customer service doesn’t stop with the install, but continues for as long as you need us. This is why we have created many long-term relationships with our customers.

Contact A Minneapolis Garage Door Installer

The quality of the installation determines how well the garage door operates. If your garage door isn’t installed right, then it is not going to last as long as it should and you may see problem prematurely. At Advanced Garage Door Solutions, Inc., we take every install seriously and treat you the way we would want to be treated. Our service starts when you call us and doesn’t stop with the install. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us in Minneapolis at 952-500-3921 or St. Paul at 651-769-7191 to request a free quote.