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Minneapolis Garage Doors Installation & Repair

A garage door is a major addition to your home or business, making the purchase a major decision. This means that you want the door that is right for you so that you can be satisfied with it for the long-term. You want the look, the convenience, the longevity, and protection that a garage door offers.

If you are ready to have a new garage door installed, Advanced Garage Door Solutions, Inc. can make that happen for you. We will show you your options so that you can choose which is right for you. If you are having difficulty choosing the right garage door, we can use our expertise to match doors to the architecture of your home or business so that your choices are narrowed down.

You get everything that you can expect from an experienced Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door company. Remember to try our garage door designer with Amarr.

Handling The Most Challenging Installs

Even if you think that your garage installation job would be impossible, Advanced Garage Door Solutions is well-known for being able to handle the most challenging jobs. In fact, we have worked with other garage door installation companies on complicated jobs. We do what they can’t or won’t do so that homeowners and business owners can have the garage doors that they need.

It is important to us and you that we ensure the right fit in the style that you want. We also make sure the garage door openers match the weight of the doors they are operating. This will ensure that your garage door opener won’t be overwhelmed if the door is large or extremely heavy.

Name Brand Garage Doors

We only work with the best brands in the industry. Amarr is one of those brands. Amarr Garage Doors come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and colors. There are so many options that you can configure your garage door so that it is the perfect fit, perfect color, and a style that meshes well with the structure. This is how garage doors that weren’t originally included with the home look like they were always there.

Added Safety

Automatic garage doors also add safety to a home. If you have an older manual garage door, it is possible for it to be broken into. Our Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door company will install a secure door for you. We also have keyless entry keypads that can be placed where you need them, keeping anyone without the code from operating the keypad. As you can tell, there are many options, but we will help simplify the process for you so you can be confident that your decision is the right one.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Garage Door Company

Deciding on having a garage door installed is a big deal because that means you are going to have something that is attractive and functional with options to make it convenient. At Advanced Garage Door Solutions, Inc., we will show you many garage door options that provide solid aesthetics and mesh well with the architecture of your home or business. We also install doors of all different sizes so you can have what you need. To learn more about our garage door options, call us in Minneapolis at 952-500-3921 or St. Paul at 651-769-7191 to request a free quote.