Minnesota Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener installation is an important part of the garage door install when you want automatic operation. It is important to ensure that the right size opener is being installed for the chosen door so that the opener operates the way it should without having to struggle. If you have an opener that is too small for the door that it is trying to carry, then you could have an issue. This emphasizes why professional garage door opener installation is so important.

Even if you have a door already installed that doesn’t have a garage door opener and you are tired of the manual operation, we may be able to turn your door into an electric door. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul garage door company will come to you and assess your wants and needs so that you can be presented with options that will give you the functionality that you need.

Professional Service You Can Trust

A common question asked among individuals throughout the Twin Cities is whether they should use a garage door company, do the install themselves, or use the installers at a big box store that carries the same name brand products. This is a valid question, but you also have to ask yourself which you are going to trust more.

If you’ve never installed a garage door opener before, there is much room for error. The process requires planning and every component must be properly placed for smooth operation. If anything is installed incorrectly, the warranty could be void and that can be problematic. You also need the right tools and equipment to perform the install.

If you are considering big box store contractors because the price may be a few dollars lower, consider that they may have other responsibilities and that garage door opener installs may not be all they do. At Advanced Garage Door Solutions, Inc., garage doors are our specialty, as our name suggests.

We Do The Most Complicated Installs

There is no job too difficult for us, which is why we help other Twin Cities garage door installation companies with their installs. If they can’t do it or they won’t because of risk, we will take the risk and get the job done. We are all about satisfaction and making sure people have the security that they are looking for in a garage door.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Garage Door Company

It is important that your garage door opener is of a high quality and installed correctly so that you can ensure smooth operation for as long as possible. We believe in the best brands and a methodical installation process so that you can have confidence in the finished product. To learn more about our garage door services, call us in Minneapolis at 952-500-3921 or St. Paul at 651-769-7191 to request a free quote.