Garage Door Issues? Five Instances When You Might Need to Call in a Professional

While you might have a DIY spirit, sometimes having a professional come to help with larger projects around the house can actually save you time and money. There are some garage door problems one might be able to fix on their own, but there are others that might be harder to identify or could lead to bigger issues if one makes a mistake in identifying the actual problem going on. If you are having garage door issues, here are five problems you won’t want to try to fix yourself and should probably bring in a specialist.

1. Wiring and Electrical Problems

Having electrical issues with your garage door can be a pain, but isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Many times older, faulty wiring should be handled directly by a professional electrician or a garage door installer. Issues you might notice are switches and garage door openers that are working intermittently, or a system failure overall. An intermittent problem that is starting to worsen over time should be checked out asap. If you need new wiring for your garage door functionality or a larger overhaul, this isn’t something that one would be able to fix on their own.

2. Cable Issues

Cables bear the burden of holding up a heavy garage door system and can fail over time. If springs have been compromised and have gone unnoticed, all tension will be placed on cables, which can fray or snap. This can cause your entire garage door to either slam shut or stay shut making it impossible for you to lift your garage door with ease. Don’t force this and try to open on your own as this can lead to accidents and won’t solve the underlying problem. If you notice fraying or your cables have snapped, call a professional to come and assess. If you think there might be minor damages, getting your garage door fixed before cables do snap is optimal.

3. Issues With Springs

Much like broken or frayed cables, damaged tension springs can be a major safety issue that could lead to dangerous situations quickly. If you notice excessive rusting or springs don’t look uniform with one another, these might be on their way to breaking or cracking. Call in a professional to replace springs, cables, or your entire garage door system if needed. Don’t expect your garage door springs to last forever. Having routine maintenance can make a huge difference in catching smaller issues ahead of time when it comes to overall garage door functionality.

4. Uneven Shutting and Opening Capabilities

There are a variety of issues that might be going on if your garage door won’t shut all of the way or is shutting unevenly. This might be as simple as something blocking the system, but could be a larger issue that you cannot fix on your own. Only professional garage door professionals should troubleshoot your garage for structural damage, issues with springs or cables, or if your garage door has come off of its tracks. Trying to troubleshoot on your own could quickly lead to further damages or personal injury.

5. Garage Door Replacement

If you have moved into an older home or you haven’t replaced your garage door in years, it might be time for an entire upgrade and major overhaul. This isn’t a one man job and shouldn’t be a DIY project you try to tackle on your own. There are new safety features, electrical units, and even computerized features that require a skilled technician to install properly. Besides the safety factors involved in installing something as large as a garage door, it is a good idea to start out on the right foot and have all of the features and components working properly from day one so your garage door will work well for years to come.

Sometimes calling in a professional garage door specialist can save you time and money, but this is also a safer option for your family. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way because of a failing garage door system. The best way to save money on your garage door system moving forward is to have this replaced, fixed, and maintained properly by a professional. If you are looking into a new garage door or need repairs on an existing unit, contact us to help.