Ensuring Optimum Garage Door Safety

Automatic door openers make getting in and of your garage as simple as could be–a luxury worth its weight in gold when it comes to surviving a frigid Minneapolis winter. Yet if your garage door isn’t maintained properly, it could pose an unnecessary risk to both you and your car. Fortunately, ensuring that your door continues to work the way that it should isn’t as hard as you might think. If you would like to learn more about keeping your garage door in tip top shape, read on. Here you will find three easy ways to promote optimum safety.

Balance Test

Where safety is concerned, nothing could be more crucial than ensuring that your garage door remains correctly balanced. An improperly balanced door greatly increases the risk of something–or someone–being crushed by the falling door. Not only that, but certain imbalances can also increase the amount of stress being put on the motor responsible for opening the door. This raises the likelihood of the opener burning out and needing to be replaced altogether.

Fortunately, it is easy to test that your door is correctly balanced. Starting with the door in its open position, pull the release handle to disengage the opening mechanism from the door. This will allow you to manually adjust the position of the door. Lower it so that it is approximately halfway open. Now carefully release the door. If it remains in place, you have verified that the balance is correct.

If, on the other hand, the door moves in either direction, you are dealing with an imbalance. Should the door rise back upward again, it means that your springs are overly tensioned. Should the door fall downward, it means that your springs need to have their tension increased. Resist the temptation to undertake a spring re-tensioning on your own, as it is highly dangerous if you do not know how. Instead, call a professional garage door technician to perform this adjustment. do not know how. Instead, call a professional garage door technician to perform this adjustment.

Auto Reverse Test

All garage door openers on the market today come with an auto reverse safety feature. In fact, this feature can be found on any door manufactured since 1993, when a federal law was passed making it a requirement. The idea here is that, should the door detect any resistance while in the act of closing, it will automatically lift back up again. This protects against the risk of accidental crushing.

Unfortunately, the auto reverse feature may cease to work properly if a garage door opener has not been regularly serviced and maintained. Thus it is vital that you check to ensure that your auto reverse still works. Do this by putting a 2×4 or other piece of wood beneath the part of the door where the opening chain or cable is located. As the door comes to rest prematurely, it should reverse its direction and begin rising again within two seconds. If it doesn’t, be sure to contact a repair person as soon as possible.

Add Lift Handles

Sometimes even a well maintained garage door opener ceases to function the way that it should. When that happens, it is often necessary to open or close the door manually. Because most doors do not have pre-installed handles to grasp, most people find themselves having to pull down on the joints between the door’s panels. Unfortunately, this often results in bruised, crushed fingertips.

Do yourself a favor and make manual manipulation of your garage door both easier and safer by installing a lift handle on either side of your door. For the inside of the door, almost any type of handle will do. For the outside, however, it is important to select a handle that will be able to fit through the gap at the top of the door frame. Measure this space carefully to ensure that your handle has the clearance it needs.

For professional garage door evaluation and repair in the Minneapolis area, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Advanced Garage Solutions.