Do these Things Before Installing Minneapolis Garage Doors in Winter

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Many Minnesota homeowners believe that garage door installation is something that must wait until spring. That’s not at all the case, provided you take these precautions ahead of time.

Avoid Frozen Pipes

Prior to installation, ensure that any exposed pipes are fully covered. Wrap all pipes, or better yet turn off the water supply while installation is ongoing. A candle or light bulb can provide a little extra heat for areas underneath a sink.

Washing machines can freeze if there is even just a little bit of water in them. As such, you should ensure your washing machine is completely drained before exposing your appliance.

Heat and Insulate

You’ll probably be surprised at how much cold air your garage door keeps out. In fact, you may notice a sudden draft in the room directly adjoining your garage. The space might also seem colder than usual, in which case you might want to:

  • Use a supplemental source of warmth such as a space heater
  • Hang a heavy blanket over your exterior door to block out cold air
  • Close off the room completely so that the cold air doesn’t transfer to the rest of your house

Consider dressing in layers on the day of installation. It’s easier to put on an extra jacket or sweatshirt than it is to turn your furnace up a degree or two-particularly if you are moving about the house.

Check the Weather

We’ve already established that garage doors can be installed during Minneapolis winters. Even so, there are some conditions that would make garage door installation unsafe. Never try to put up a garage door when there are:

  • Wind speeds greater than 35 miles per hour
  • Blizzard-like conditions that affect your vision
  • Extreme ice that leaves tracks and moving parts too slippery to grasp

Power lines can go down under heavy snow and ice. Any time there is significant snowfall, sleet, or freezing rain, there is also a risk of snapped or broken utility lines. Never install a garage door near power lines when these conditions exist. And if lines do go down unexpectedly, stop working immediately and do not proceed until the utility company makes repairs.

Dress for the Job

Extra layers are not just necessary inside-you’ll need them outdoors as well. Wear enough clothing to keep warm without making it uncomfortable to move. A good pair of waterproof coveralls or a ski suit is perfect for these kinds of tasks.

Ensure all extremities are covered, and that your gloves fit snug enough to allow you to grip things. Waterproof boots with deep tread are a must, particularly if you are going up and down a ladder.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

It can take longer to install a garage door in winter due to the different variables you’ll encounter. As such, you should give yourself plenty of time to complete this project, particularly if this is your first attempt at garage door installation.

You’ll also need more breaks during inclement weather. If the temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, plan on working no more than 20 to 30 minutes before coming inside to warm up. Eat plenty of hearty snacks so you’ll have enough fuel to stay warm. Dehydration is possible even in cold weather, so your breaks should include plenty of fresh, clean water as well.

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Just because you can install a Minneapolis garage door in winter doesn’t mean you have to. Our technicians provide safe, professional installation year round, and can do so while you stay warm and dry indoors. To schedule a consultation, please contact us.