Common Types of Garage Doors We Install

If you’re looking to install a garage door, you’ll have several options to choose from. Garage doors come in different styles and materials, and you should do your research to decide on the best garage door for your property. Here’s some basic information about types of garage doors in Minneapolis to get you started.

Sectional Garage Doors Minneapolis

Sectional garage doors work well in large and small garages, and they’re highly common. These doors consist of several horizontal panels connected at hinges. The door rolls up over the car and inside of the garage. It moves up vertically without a swing and sits flat on rails as the car enters.

Roller Garage Door Minneapolis

This type of door is ideal for smaller garages because it saves space, but it works well on any size of garage. It’s an automatic door that rolls up toward the ceiling to make way for vehicles. Roller doors roll on themselves like beach mats, which is why they consist of many more panels than sectional doors. Panels commonly consist of aluminum material.

Overhead Garage Doors Minneapolis

Overhead garage doors work well in large garages because they require a lot of space. The door comes out with a swing and fits up parallel to the ceiling when opened.

Swing Hung Garage Doors Minneapolis

This garage door looks like a normal door. It fits on the corner of a garage, and it opens wide. Swing hung doors work nicely with traditionally styled garages. They’re also ideal for homeowners who plan to convert the garage to a room.

Round The Corner Garage Doors Minneapolis

Traditionally made from timber panels, round-the-corner doors are an older type of garage door. More modern varieties of round-the-corner doors are coming out gradually. The doors slide sideways and curve around to follow the garage wall. They come in manual and remote-control varieties.

Single Panel Garage Doors Minneapolis

In this type of garage door, a rigid slab slides up at an angle and then moves inside of the garage. It sits parallel to the ceiling as vehicles enter and exit.

Steel Garage Doors Minneapolis

These doors usually come with two layers of galvanized steel. The surface either comes clad with a composite material or primed and painted in a color of the homeowner’s choice. They’re available with and without insulation.

Wood Garage Doors Minneapolis

Wood garage doors come with layers or plies, and homeowners can paint or stain them for color. Woods that work well for a garage door include redwood, cedar, meranti, and fir.

Wood Composite Garage Doors Minneapolis

These doors have a wood frame and sheets of fiberboard covering. Some come with overlays and grooves that mimic a real wood door. Cores of wood composite garage doors include polystyrene insulation.

Fiberglass Garage Doors Minneapolis

Fiberglass garage doors aren’t as likely to crack or dent as other types of garage doors. These doors come with a steel frame and two layers of fiberglass. The core comes filled with polyurethane insulation. Although they’re less likely to crack and dent, they can break upon impact.

Vinyl Garage Doors Minneapolis

Like fiberglass doors, vinyl garage doors come with a steel frame and polyurethane insulation. They look like fiberglass doors as well, but they don’t come in as many colors. Low-maintenance and durable, these doors also resist dents well.

Aluminum Frame Garage Doors Minneapolis

These doors come in many colors, and unlike other types of garage doors, they won’t rust. They are, however, vulnerable to denting. Homeowners can also get them in contemporary brushed finishes.

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