Common Garage Door Issues and Repairs

Garage doors are convenient and help make your life easier but like everything, they sometimes act up and may need repair in order to keep your family safe and still provide the convenience you are accustomed to. Here are some common garage door issues and what you should know about their repairs.

An Unstable Garage Door

If your garage door has broken or damaged lifting cables, you may have noticed it vibrating or having a jerking type of motion when it is opened or even something as simple as it seems difficult to open. If you want to get an idea of what is going on, look at the vertical tracks on either side of the door and see if one has shifted or moved. If so, that is typically easy to put back in place. However, if the roller has come off of the track or is broken, it is necessary to have someone fix this for you.

Electric Door Opener

A common issue is where the garage door will close then open up again on its own. One of the reasons this may be happening is due to the safety reversing system photo eye unit being misaligned. If you look at the vertical tracks on either side of the door and see that one has shifted or moved, that is easy to put back in place usually. However, if there is a severed wire where the two units meet, it is time to call a professional because this can cause safety issues.

A Slow Garage Door

A garage door should function seamlessly but sometimes you might notice it seems to take longer to open or close and that it is acting slow overall. In this case, it may be the spring system, which is located at the ends of the horizontal tracks or above your door. This could be due to this spring system losing tension or being broken and an easy way to be sure is to try to open it yourself by pulling the emergency release cord. If you cannot open the door easily by hand, it may be due to a repair needed on the spring system.

Sticking Garage Door

If your garage door seems to stick, there are a number of reasons why this is happening. The first thing to do is to check the batteries, switches, and sensors which can cause this problem. If those are functioning perfectly then check for things obstructing the wheel track like debris and dirt. Even a garage door that is not hung evenly can cause this issue and you can have someone come look at the problem and make it work perfectly again.

Safety Matters

The most important thing to remember is the safety of your family. If your garage door is not working properly it can become a hazard – especially doors that fall too fast when closing. If any of these issues are causing problems with your garage door, it is not as safe as it needs to be and you should have a professional garage door technician fix the problem. Many times it is something simple that can be taken care of in an expedited manner.

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