Best Garage Door Repair Companies in Minnesota

Your garage door is an extremely important feature of your home. Whether its outdated or improperly functioning, fixing your garage door can be a hassle. That’s why it’s best to hire a trained and licensed professional. The one of the best things renovations that homeowners or renovators in terms of return on investment is to… Read more »

Why Does My Garage Door Keep Opening On Its Own?

The automatic garage door is a modern marvel, one most people hardly realize until it starts doing something unexpected. The garage door is designed to open when you want to pass through and remain securely closed until someone hits the right button. However, that security and convenience evaporate when your garage starts opening or closing… Read more »

How To Close a Garage Door Manually

Here is a situation that might sound familiar: you open your garage door and move your car in or out, then click the button on your remote… but nothing happens. Or perhaps your garage door starts to close but then stops and opens back up, leaving your cars and belongings exposed. What do you when… Read more »

Top 10 Best Garage Door Openers In 2019

Garage doors are the drawbridge you trust to protect your castle—just like the kings of old, you want dependable help getting it open. These are the best garage door openers in 2019. A quick tip for navigating Chamberlain listings: For newer Chamberlain units, a model starting in B will be a belt-driven opener, while models starting in C will be… Read more »

4 Details to Make Your New Garage Door Shine

Garage doors don’t last forever. After a long winter of icy storms and some spring-time gale force winds, your garage door might just be about ready to retire. But that doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing. Sometimes garage doors and the actual garage door mechanisms operate on different replacement schedules. While this… Read more »

What Should You Do When Your Garage Door Ices Shut?

Your home’s gutter system might usually keep water away from the bottom of your garage door. But during winter, your gutters might be clogged with enough ice and leaves to send water cascading in front of your garage. Maybe the nearby piles of snow finally thawed only to be turned to ice by an overnight… Read more »