What Can You Do If Your Garage Door Is Stuck Open?

A stuck garage door is a headache. The only thing worse than an open garage door you can’t close is one that’s stuck closed with your car inside. But an open garage door is more than an inconvenience when you need to get started on your morning commute. A wide-open entrance is an invitation for… Read more »

Garage Door Repair Minneapolis

It’s Been a Long Winter in Minneapolis, Time to Take Care of Your Garage Door Repairs All winter your garage door has been under attack from the bitter cold, snow and ice. To ensure that it continues to perform the way you expect it to, you’ve got to maintain your garage door, and take care… Read more »

5 Reasons Not to DIY Your Garage Door Repair

Twin Cities Garage Door Repair Before you roll your eyes and dig out your wrench set anyway, let us say that we are usually big fans of DIY solutions. There are literally dozens of maintenance and repair tasks that homeowners can save time, money, and hassle by learning how to take care of for themselves…. Read more »

Garage Door Repair Minneapolis

Clear Indicators That Your Minneapolis Garage Door May Need to be Repaired If you are like many Minneapolis homeowners, then your garage door likely serves as the main point of entry to your home for you and your family. This means that your automatic garage door will be opened and closed around 4 times a… Read more »