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What is a Carriage House Door and When Would I use One?

carriage garage doorIf the look of a traditional garage door doesn’t particularly excite you, you may want to consider a carriage house door instead. What is a carriage house door,  and why would I choose one? Here’s what you need to know.

Carriage Houses-Precursors to the Modern-Day Garage

Carriage houses were common during the 18th and 19th Centuries, where they were used to store carriages, sleighs, and tack for the horses that would draw them. More elaborate carriage houses would also have room for horses and hay on the lower level, and contain living quarters on the upper level for carriage staff. As such, carriage houses were the precursor to modern day garages, and in fact may be responsible for the fact that small apartments are often built over these buildings even today.

Early carriage houses had doors that closely mimicked those on the main house. They were typically solid wooden structures, with some having raised panels, cross timbers or arched windows. These doors would open either by swinging outward or sliding to one side. Since they were used before the dawn of electricity, they were also operated by hand, and were adorned with rugged iron hardware to hold them in place and make it easier for people to open.

Modern Carriage House Doors

Although carriage houses are no longer used, many people appreciate the character and charm they provide, and choose to replicate that look on their own garages. Modern carriage house doors are designed to look as much like the original doors as possible, and contain many of the same features such as arched windows and oversized, iron hinges. While a good number of doors are made from wood, others are made to resemble this material. Although many lift to open, some will still have handles on them, making it look as though the doors can be opened by hand.

Carriage house doors these days also come in a variety of colors. You may choose a natural wood appearance, or select a color that matches your home’s siding. Wooden doors may even be painted any custom color you desire, making it easy to change things up a bit should you ever become bored with its look.


Carriage house doors can contain numerous features, making it easy to customize one to your liking. A custom carriage house door will provide an attractive focal point for your landscaping, while also adding curb appeal to your property.

Models without windows allow for greater privacy, and are therefore ideal for workshops. The lack of windows makes your garage less attractive to burglars because they cannot see what’s inside it.

Despite the fact that many carriage house doors operate on tracks, there are still some that open and close manually. These doors are ideal for remote settings where electricity may not be available or where constant power outages are a concern. Many people prefer them whenever they would like to use their garage as a game room or “man cave”, because it eliminates the need for unsightly, overhead tracks.

When to Use Carriage House Doors

Many of our customers choose carriage house garage doors on older homes in order to preserve their historical appearance. A good number of people also choose them on newer homes because they provide a timeless, classic look. Carriage house doors are not just for garages, as they may also be placed on workshops and guest cottages. These doors are suitable anywhere a garage door is needed.

Carriage house doors are attractive and well designed, making them a perfect option for any home. To find out more about carriage house doors, we invite you to contact us.