How can I Lock my Garage Door when I’m Away on Vacation? Here are Some Easy Solutions

Your garage door provides easy access and concealment, which is why thieves often enter a home through the garage. The garage is especially inviting whenever you are out of town, which is why people often ask us “How can I lock my garage door when I’m away on vacation?” Here are some things you will need to do in order to keep your garage as secure as possible.

Secure your Remote

One of the easiest methods of gaining entry is through your remote. For this reason, you should never leave your remote inside your vehicle, as all a thief needs to do is to break in and take it. You should also ensure your remote contains rolling-code technology. This technology forces your remote to reset its security code each time it is used, making it less likely a criminal could use a code grabbing device to detect yours.

Turn off your Keypad

If you have an easily-accessible keypad, it’s important to secure it against unauthorized use. Most intruders will not take the time to troubleshoot an inoperable keypad, so ensuring they cannot use yours to gain entry is often your first line of defense. One of the easiest ways of securing your keypad is to simply turn off the circuit breaker going to it. Some keypads have a vacation setting that you may use, while others can be disabled simply by removing the batteries.

Secure your Emergency Release

All electric garage doors have an emergency release that will enable you to open the door manually during a power outage. This makes your door susceptible to break-ins because criminals can simply run a wire through the top in order to pull the release. To rectify this situation, you can either place a zip-tie through the emergency release or add a small padlock. Just be sure to remove these security devices once you return, as they could make it difficult for you to exit your home during an emergency.

Install a Deadlock

A garage door deadlock is easy to install, and generally costs less than $10. This type of lock consists of a lever that slides through the garage door track, and prevents it from being raised whenever the lock is engaged. No key is required, as this type of lock operates similar to a sliding bolt lock used on other doors.

Securing Windows

It’s just as important to secure your garage’s windows as it is your door. The windows atop your garage door can not only allow intruders to see what’s inside, but it will also let them know whether or not you are at home. For this reason, these windows should contain tinted or frosted window film that prevents people from seeing inside them. You should also consider metal bars on all your garage windows, particularly any that cannot easily be seen from the street.

Door into your Home

In the event that all the above measures fail, you’ll want to have as much security between yourself and an intruder as possible. For this reason, the door leading from your garage into your home should be every bit as solid as your front door, and include an anti-kick device along with a solid deadbolt. Install a wide-angle peephole so that if you do hear unusual noises, you can easily see what’s going on without having to open the door to find out.

Securing your garage door can be more difficult if yours is an older model or doesn’t operate as it should. If your home is equipped with such a door, please contact us before going on vacation to ensure your garage is as secure as possible while you are gone.