Best Types of Garage Door Openers in Minneapolis

If you’re installing or updating a garage door, you’ll have to choose an opener that meets your needs well. There are several common types of garage door openers in Minneapolis, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Here’s some basic information about the different types of garage door openers to help you choose.

Chain Drive Garage Doors Minneapolis

In a chain drive opener, a chain pushes or pulls a trolley on a metal bar called a J-arm. The trolley moves the door down and up as indicated. Chain drive garage door openers are common, traditional, and affordable compared to other options. They’re also durable and reliable, but they’re more suited for detached garages. This is because they’re noisy when they operate due to vibration from metal-to-metal contact. Newer models, however, are quieter than older models because they’ve incorporated soft start-and-stop technology and DC motors. Chain drive openers don’t require much maintenance.

Belt Drive Garage Doors Minneapolis

Belt drive garage door openers have a similar design to chain drive openers. The main difference is that they use a belt rather than a chain, which makes them quieter to operate. Steel-reinforced rubber, polyurethane, and fiberglass are common materials used for the belt. Since they’re quiet, they’re an ideal choice for homes that have a bedroom right above the garage. Their main disadvantage is that they cost more than other openers. They’re also difficult to install for nonprofessionals. Belt drive openers are reliable and durable, and they usually won’t get noisier with age.

Screw Drive  Garage Doors Minneapolis

In screw drive openers, a trolley rides along a threaded-steel rod, and a motor rotates this rod. A large upside to screw drive openers is that they have fewer parts than other openers, and this translates into less maintenance work. They’re often noisier than belt drive openers but not as noisy as chain drives. Screw drive openers with plastic-lined tracks are quieter. Some screw drive openers experience problems in areas that have large temperature differences between summer and winter. Manufacturers, however, are working to resolve this issue, and newer models aren’t as vulnerable to temperature differences. Some homeowners find this type of opener to operate slower than belt and chain drive openers.

Direct Drive Garage Doors Minneapolis

In direct drive openers, the actual motor travels along a chain to operate the door. The chain sits stationary inside a rail, and the motor and door connect to each other via a J-arm. As there is only one moving part, direct drive openers operate quietly. They run on the pricier side, but they have high-quality construction and good reliability.

Jackshaft Garage Doors Minneapolis

These openers are unique in that they’re situated beside the garage door. Pulleys and cables turn a torsion bar to raise the door. A DC motor operates the pulleys and cables, and when the motor is in reverse, tension on cables loosens to lower the door. Like direct drive openers, jackshaft openers are expensive, but they operate quietly and reliably. Because of their position, they free up the ceiling for storage space, and they work well in garages that have high and low ceilings.

No matter what type of garage door opener you choose, you should have it installed by a professional. Professionals notice things that aren’t obvious to DIY installers. In particular, professionals test the door’s sensor to make sure it won’t close the door on any objects. They also see that the manual release and battery backup operate appropriately in case of a power outage.

Advanced Garage Solutions installs quality garage door openers in Minneapolis. We have the insight to recommend the right garage door opener for your garage door. To speak about this further with one of our professionals, please contact us.