How Do I Add, Program or Change a Keyless Entry PIN on My Garage Door Entry Pad?

Do you have a security problem and need to change your keyless entry PIN? Are there times you wish to allow friends or visitors access to your garage?

The most often asked question concerning a garage door is: “How do I change my entry PIN?”.

A keyless entry allows the security of your property while at the same time providing flexibility because you can change the entry code PIN anytime you feel your security has been compromised. Many models also allow the use of a temporary PIN which can be set to be active for up to ten days.

If your keyless pad stops working the most common problem is that the battery needs to be replaced.  The battery life on average is about 3 years. But when it stops working and you are stuck outside it really doesn’t matter. There is no warning of this impending event except perhaps for sluggish and intermittent function,  Therefore, if you can not remember the last time you changed the battery, it is suggested that the battery be replaced at this time.

On models that have only numbers on the keypad and no # or * button the back of the control box will need to be accessed. That means you have to remove your car from the garage and get out your step-ladder. There is a push button, usually green or red, on the back of the unit. The trick is to push the button and notice a small light near the button turn on. Then you have about 60 seconds to climb off the ladder, walk over to the keypad and enter your new PIN number. After the PIN number has been entered press the ENTER button on the keypad. This procedure will reset your PIN. Be sure to test your new number before you put your ladder away. If you have a friend willing to enter the new number this helps and is safer. If you have a friend willing to climb the ladder and push the reset button then you are blessed.

If your keypad has the # and * buttons the procedure is much easier. Enter your existing PIN and then press and hold the # button. The background lights on the keyless pad will blink if the commands were accepted. After you see the blinking light release the # button. Then enter the new PIN number and press the ENTER button. If this is successful the main garage door opener light will blink. Be sure to test that the new number is functional by opening and closing the garage door several times until you are satisfied.

A temporary PIN number can be set by using the * button. The procedure is about the same except the number of hours desired for the temporary number to be active is also entered. First enter the permanent PIN number and then push the * button and hold. The keypad background light will blink, and then release the * button, enter the temporary PIN and press the ENTER button. The light on the keypad will blink up to four times if this is successful. At this moment enter a number from 1 to 250 then press the * button to set the number of hours that your want the temporary number to be functional. If you want to limit the number of times the garage door can be opened with the temporary number then enter the desired number and press the # button.

If the model allows a one button close feature this can be activated or deactivated by pressing the 1 and 9 buttons at the same time for ten seconds.  After activation the garage door will close by simply pressing the ENTER button.

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