5 Ways to Add More Curb Appeal to Your Twin Cities Garage Door

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Most people don’t notice their garage door unless it’s causing problems. But if you’re putting your house on the market or you’re renovating the front lawn, don’t let your familiarity with the door blind you to its faults. Updating your garage door is one of the most cost-effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Here are five ways to do it:

1. Repair worn springs so the door hangs straight.

If your garage door looks crooked, visitors and potential buyers will think the door is broken. Even at their most optimistic, they’ll assume the springs are in bad shape and they’ll have to deal with repairs themselves.

Before you put your home on the market, get the springs inspected and replaced if needed. A lot of different factors could be behind a crooked door, even a buildup of dirt. Fixing the problem makes your whole house look more maintained and ready for new owners to live in.

2. Replace worn and bent parts.

Just like with a crooked door, visible signs of damage are bad news. Even if it doesn’t impact the door’s function, dented panels turn buyers away. But you can buy replacement panels for localized damage or a whole new door without paying for a new garage door opening system.

Torn weatherstripping is also a highly visible part of your home’s curb appeal. If it’s ripped, shredded, or visibly faded, replace it. New weatherstripping protects your garage from the elements and insects. It also makes the whole door look newer.

3. Make it look larger with faux windows and an attached pergola.

A big part of increasing your home’s curb appeal is making everything look large and open. Extra details can do the job. Just like your windows have faux shutters and your front door has an awning, there are several decorative elements you can add to your garage door.

Two of the most popular changes include painting or installing faux windows and adding a fixture to partially cover your driveway. A fully covered driveway often requires permits, so look into elements that fit your budget and schedule.

4. Replace it with a lightly-colored door.

Light colors also look bigger and more open. Match your garage door with the lightest color of trim on your house. This pulls the whole style of the house together so nothing looks mismatched. It also makes the garage look larger. This is especially important if you have a one-car garage.

You can also replace your current garage door with a wooden door or one with a more contemporary design. Homebuyers like prominent features that look rich and intricate, and your garage door makes up a large percentage of your home’s surface area.

5. Add a remote opener.

Even if convenience isn’t an immediately visible feature, it’s what most home buyers are looking for. If you have a garage door that only opens manually, update it with a motor. Once you have a motor, you can add remote sensors, safety features, and automated closing times. If your house has a smart thermostat or other home systems, it’s even easier to integrate your garage door into that central control system and make your home even more marketable.

Automatic garage doors have become a default feature in many homes. Not having the feature can age your home no matter how much work you put into the appearance.

Focusing on curb appeal doesn’t just make your property look nicer. It makes your garage safer and easier to use. Go to Advanced Garage Solutions to get your door’s parts inspected and see our selection of replacement doors.