5 Things You Can Do With a Smart Home Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers have been an integral part of suburban life for over 50 years. Initially running on simple radio signals, your garage door opener made it simple to get into and out of your garage without having to stop and get out of the car to manually open and close the door. This was the definition of convenience when the technology was first introduced, but we’ve come a long way since then.

Smart home gadgets have been taking wireless control technology to a whole new level, automating and simplifying things we never thought possible. From coffee makers to light bulbs, smart homes can give you voice and mobile device control of almost every electronic aspect of your home, including your garage door. A smart home garage door opening system like MyQ opens up an entirely new realm of garage door management possibilities and, incidentally, eliminates traditional hassles like running out of batteries or deciding who gets to hold onto the limited number of garage door openers.

Let’s take a look at the top five things you can do with a smart home garage door opener that will change how you interact with your garage.

1) Open the Garage With Your Phone

The first and best thing about upgrading your garage door opener with smart-home technology is access through your phone. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to, chances are that you have your phone charged and in your pocket. This means that you and every member of your family will be able to get in and out through the garage without having to worry about garage door opener distribution, batteries, or even range of access. As long as your phone is close enough to access your home wifi network, you’ll be able to open and close the garage as needed.

2) Never Worry About ‘Losing the Garage Door Opener’ Again

Losing the garage door opener is a hassle that many families struggle with, especially if you pass the openers around so that whoever is out of the house can get back in when they return. Other times, the garage door opener may be misplaced after the batteries are changed or after a family car swap.

With smart home access, you never have to wonder where the garage door opener got off to because your phones are the garage door openers. And there are as may openers as there are smartphones in the family. Even if your official garage door opener is under the couch or in your other car, you’ll be able to get inside safely without having to get out of the car, punch in a code, or call for assistance.

3) Close the Garage After Driving Away

Have you ever driven off to work only to realize a few blocks away that you left the garage door open? Traditional garage door openers stop working a few houses away due to range limitations, but smart home wifi control doesn’t work like that. Because your garage door is now controlled on an internet-based signal, you can close your garage from literally anywhere.

if your phone has internet signal from a mobile provider or local wifi network, you’ll be able to send the ‘close’ command to your garage so that critters, hooligans, and the weather don’t get inside while you’re out.

4) Give Relatives Access to the Garage When You’re Not Home

Visiting relatives have long since been a source of garage door grief. Whether there’s room for their car or they simply need easy access without a house key, you can’t go handing out your limited number of garage door openers every time a relative comes to visit.

Fortunately, with smart home garage doors, you don’t have to. There are two ways to do this. You can either help your relatives connect their mobile devices to your garage door control so they can come and go as they please or you can use your phone to remotely open the garage for them no matter where you are when they arrive.

5) Airbnb Your Home with Mobile Garage Door Access

Finally, there’s the awesome possibility of using your smart home garage for the benefit of vacation rentals. If you like to Airbnb or VRBO your house to guests while you’re on vacation or have a spare room, a smart home garage door is an ideal solution. This way, you can give your guests temporary access to your garage door controls so they can let themselves in and keep their vehicle safe during their visit without needing a dedicated opener device or your permission every time they come or go.

If you have an active family that arrives and departs at all times of the day, a smart home garage door opener could be the ideal solution for both security and access. You will be able to close the garage from anywhere, no matter who left it open. And your family will always be able to get in, no matter where the dedicated garage door openers have gotten of to. And best of all, you don’t have to completely reinstall your garage to make the upgrade. Let our team from Advanced Garage Door Solutions help you upgrade your old garage door opener so that it becomes a valuable addition to your wifi smart home system.

For more information about how this upgrade works or to schedule a smart home garage door for your home, contact us today!