5 Common Garage Door Problems During the Winter

Not only is the garage door essential for protecting your belongings against the elements, but it is also a gateway to your home. During the winter months it helps keep you warm and prevents ice and snow from collecting on your vehicle and other items. However, during the winter, there are a lot of things that can go wrong around your house, including problems with the garage door. Here are 5 of the most common problems with garage doors st. paul minnesota during the winter.

Contracting Metal

Minnesota winters can get extremely cold and these cold temperatures can cause the metal components in the garage to contract, which may cause breakage. Screws, springs and other metal pieces may seize up and cause the garage door to malfunction. In some situations, applying a lubricant, such as good 30-wieght oil, will help reduce contractions on items like screws or the metal frame. One of the most common parts of the garage door that may malfunction during freezing temperatures is the springs. If one or more of the springs in the garage break, causing the door to not function as it should, it is important that you not try to repair the problem yourself. Replacing springs can be dangerous, so to be safe, you should hire a garage door professional to do the repairs for you.

Weather Stripping Problems

If water freezes along the bottom of a closed garage door, it may cause the weather stripping to stick to the ground and when you raise the door, the weather stripping may get torn away. This will result in poor insulation and/or water seeping in the garage and freezing. The easiest solution is to remove snow and water puddles away from the garage door. Extreme cold temperatures may also cause the weather stripping to crack and break. If you notice the weather stripping has begun to crack, it is better to have it replaced as soon as possible than to risk a total malfunction. In some situations, you can install new stripping yourself or if you aren’t comfortable doing the work on your own, contact a garage door repair company to do the weather stripping installation for you.

Bent Track

The garage door goes up and down by rolling on the tracks. If the tracks become bent or broken, the garage will not function correctly and it may also be a dangerous hazard for you and your family. If the garage does not have the appropriate insulation, the cold temperatures may cause the metal frames to contract, then when you open or close the door it puts pressure on the track, which may result in breakage. If you are having trouble with the garage door opening and closing smoothly, it may be a problem with the track. Do not continue to try to open and/or close the door as this may cause more damage, instead leave the door in place and contact a local garage door repair company as soon as possible.

Problem with Rollers

One of the most common problems people face with garage door during the winter is the garage door rollers bending or breaking. The rollers are constantly in motion each time you open and close the garage door, so they often become worn out and need to be replaced, especially if they become wet and rusted due to melting snow or water seeping into the garage. If this happens, do not attempt to open or close the door and call a repair company as soon as possible.

Extreme temperatures and winter weather can put a strain on the garage door. Being aware of the common problems often experienced in the winter will help you take the necessary steps to prevent them and/or deal with them quickly. Garage door repairs can be potentially dangerous, so it is highly recommended that you contact a professional to take care of the repairs if something goes wrong.

Don’t risk the danger of repairing garage door problems yourself, contact us and we will be happy to schedule an appointment to do the repairs for you.