4 Details to Make Your New Garage Door Shine

Garage doors don’t last forever. After a long winter of icy storms and some spring-time gale force winds, your garage door might just be about ready to retire. But that doesn’t mean you have to replace the whole thing. Sometimes garage doors and the actual garage door mechanisms operate on different replacement schedules. While this spring might be the perfect time to get a completely new pair, make sure you focus on the door itself once it’s too damaged to open and close completely.

But needing a new garage door has a lot of upsides. It makes up a lot of the square footage of your home that contributes to curb appeal, so you can instantly transform your house with just one change. Whether you want to update the look to put your home on the market or you want to make your home’s exterior fit your style, look for these four design details:

1. What’s the right color? (Maybe it’s two.)

As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to your garage door to be darker than the rest of your house. That will bake your garage in the summer months, and it can make your home’s design look off-center. Lighter tones of your home’s trim or most predominant color is always a good way to go.

If you want an extra bit of flash, look for a two-tone door. These doors lend to the increasingly popular ‘carriage’ design and the color blocks help make your garage appear larger. Two-tone doors can also have black panel ‘windows’ for extra style without any complications.

2. Don’t let your door look flimsy.

When you look at a garage door, it’s easy to tell if it looks high-quality or cheap. One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting a door that looks sturdy and well-made is to get one with insulation.

But the appearance isn’t even the primary benefit. Insulated garage doors stop your garage from being a huge energy sink in the summer and winter. Without high R-value insulation, the bare steel can’t do much to keep the heat in or out. As far as your heating bill is concerned, having an uninsulated garage door is like not having a door at all. But getting an insulated one makes it more like a standard exterior wall.

3. Have the right hardware.

If you’re a fan of the carriage style of design we discussed earlier, then hardware is just as essential of a design element. Nice, plated hardware set on the vertical edges of your garage can make it look like your house cam right out of a portrait.

Decorative hardware draws the eye, and the extra, uncluttered details can also make your garage look larger. With the right handles, your hardware can even become functional and make it easier for people in your home to open and close the door by hand.

4. What about windows?

Most modern garage doors don’t have windows. Even the ones that do have painted blocks rather than real windows. But choosing a door with real windows inlaid across the top adds elegance and openness to your house’s curb appeal.

Windows are also useful. They add natural light all day long to stop your garage from getting musty. That light also makes it easier to search through your garage if it’s storing a lot of towering boxes. Even better, you can select windows that let light in but don’t let anyone see in.

Sometimes, your old garage door just has to go. But it’s a perfect opportunity to find a new door with better insulation and an appearance that you love. Go to Advanced Garage Solutions here to get started.