When I Replace my Existing Garage Door, can I Keep my Old Track?

When making repairs, you naturally want to conserve as much old material as possible to save money. One time you should not be concerned with salvaging old parts is when you are replacing a garage door. Here at Advanced Garage Solutions, we are often asked When I replace my existing door, can I keep my old track? There are seven reasons we do not recommend doing so.

#1. Tracks are Specific for Each Door

Garage door tracks are specifically designed for each particular door. Garage doors have what are called “offsets”, meaning the spacing on the track is pre-set at the factory and riveted together. When using a track that does not match the offset of the door, the unit will not open and close properly. This will likely cause you a great deal more frustration than installing a new track to begin with would.

#2. Assures your Safety

Garage door tracks can become rusty, warped, or bent over time. A great deal of grime, oil, and dirt can also build up inside the tracks. These things can compromise your safety by making your door inoperable or susceptible to collapsing. Electric garage door openers sometimes continue to open or close stuck doors, leaving the cables prone to snapping. This can cause your door to come off the track completely.

When you install a new garage door track, you can be sure that it functions properly and is strong enough to support the weight of your door. As such, you won’t have to worry about it falling on you, or worse yet, not opening quickly enough should you suddenly need to evacuate.

#3. May Cause Property Damage

Aside from bodily injury, falling doors also have the potential to damage vehicles, lawn equipment, tools, or other valuables. It could also result in structural damage to your garage (or home if attached.) In the long run, the amount of damage you could incur is likely to be much greater than the cost of a new track would.

#4. Required by your Warranty

Garage door manufacturers also know how important a new track is when it comes to safety. For this reason, many of them will render a warranty null and void unless you install a new track at the same time as your door. You may not want to think about repairs, but you’ll appreciate your warranty should the time ever come for you to use it.

#5. Provides a Better Appearance

Don’t think that just because your track is overhead that no one notices it. Old tracks are often unsightly, and are one of the first things people notice. A track that is dull or rusty could really detract from your new door’s appearance, so you should always install a new one that matches.

#6. A New Track is Inexpensive

The amount of money you would save by holding on to your old track is negligible at best. New tracks are really not all that expensive, so if you are springing for a new door, you might as well go ahead and get a new track also.

#7. Takes Little Time to Install

Many homeowners want to avoid adding a new track because they believe it will take too much time. The truth is that new tracks can actually be installed rather quickly, and should not interfere drastically with the normal use of your garage.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to install a new track at the same time you replace your garage door. If you need help choosing the right garage door, or have questions about how tracks operate, please feel free to contact us.