3 Reasons You Might Need Minneapolis Garage Door Installation

Garage doors are by far one of the most complicated and dangerous aspects of our home. They are heavier than a refrigerator, hung from enormous high-tension springs, and are the largest aspect of your home that is theoretically removable. This is why very few people DIY garage door repairs without at least the consultation and supervision of an expert and no one should ever work on a garage door solo. Especially if there’s a risk that the door will come loose from the spring or fall off of the track.

But what about when you need a whole new garage door installation? Buying a new garage door and tracks from a kit isn’t the hard part. It’s getting over a hundred pounds of steel, aluminum, or wood suspended properly above your vehicles and sliding smoothly and safely on the track. For this, you will need professional assistance and probably a complete garage door installation package. Of course, everyone has their own reasons for needing a new garage door installed and here in Minneapolis, there are three big hitters we’ll highlight today.

1) You Backed Into the Old Garage Door

How many times has this happened in your lifetime? Almost everyone backs into a garage door at least once in their life. Some go through this as teens as a result of inexperience and early vehicle clumsiness. For adults that back into their own garage door after years of careful driving, it is usually the result of stress, a busy mind, and possibly an unexpectedly malfunctioning garage door opener. Some people are lucky enough to never back into a garage door only to experience a roommate or spouse doing it to their garage instead.

Needless to say, backing into your garage door happens a lot and garage repair services are very used to this call. Whether or not you’ll need a whole new garage door installation or just to bang out some dents will depend on how energetically you backed into the door. But it will need to be repaired.

2) It’s Time for a Garage Makeover

Of course, disaster isn’t necessary to decide it’s time to completely replace and rehang your garage door. Sometimes the door is just old or you’re giving the entire home exterior a makeover. Home renovations are another major cause of garage door installations because the garage is such an integral part of a home’s exterior decor. While many people opt to simply repaint their garage doors, there are a variety of visual upgrades that will require an entirely new garage door. You may also be replacing a garage door that saw its best years over a decade ago and has just been limping along since. When the issue isn’t the springs or the track but the sluggish old door itself, a newly installed garage door can be a huge improvement to your home life and finally allow the old door to retire in peace.

3) You’re Renovating the Carport

But not everyone starts with a garage door to replace or repair. Many homes feature a detached carport instead of a garage but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you’re handy with DIY tasks and enjoy a good bout of carpentry in the warmer months, transforming that carport into a sturdy, weatherproof and theft-proof garage is a great summer project. The final touch once you’ve reinforced the structure, insulated the walls, and strung in safe electricity is to hook up a brand new garage door. This will complete the transformation from open-air carport to a classy closed garage in no time flat.

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